Placebo Quiz

1)What is Brian's character's name in Velvet Goldmine?
b) Nigel
d)Brian Slade


3) What is the name of the band Steve was a member of before re-joining Placebo?
a)Ashtray Heart
c) Limp Biscuit
d)Soilent Green


5) Who does Brian call "two of the most perfect pop bands that ever existed"?
a) U2 and The Cure
b) The Spice Girls and Take That
c) Depeche Mode and Radiohead
d) ABBA and Blondie


7) What do Placebo and the Pixies have in common?
a)Steve briefly dated Kim Deal
b)Both were opening bands on U2 tours
c)Both have had albums produced by Brad Wood
d)Brian bought a guitar that once belonged to Black Francis


9)Which member of Placebo is a dad?
2)The Flaming Creatures, Steve and Brian's fictional band in Velvet Goldmine, was named after...
a)a 1920s porn film
b)A mixed drink
c)The Flaming Lips
d)a comic strip on the web


4)Stefan bought his first bass because it was the same kind as played by...?
a)Jane's Addiction's Eric A.
b)The Smiths' Andy Rourke
c)The Cure's Simon Gallop
d)Iron Maiden's Steve Harris


6)In which country was Brian Born?
a) USA


8)Who has not remixed a Placebo song?
a)Brad Wood
d)Howie B.


10)Which song on WYIN was written during b-side sessions, after the other album tracks had already been recorded?
a)Every You, Every Me
b)Pure Morning
c)Evil Dildo
d)Scared of Girls

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